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  • Los Andes University Venezuelan Journalism Degree
  • More than 15 years of experience in communications
  • All matter communicational adviser and consultant. Excellent clients management, achieving their permanence, preference and loyalty, reaching professional and monetary goals for the company
  • Manager, leader and teacher of big professional teams
  • Screenwriter and creator of advertisement campaigns nation and worldwide,
    for commercials and politicians successfully clients  
  • Conceptualizer and projects manager
  • Audiovisual producers for presidential, referendums, regional and congress elections for radio, TV and cinema
  • Postproduction director
  • Event planner
  • Producer of “The Interview”, a RCTV News program in Venezuela
  • Temporarily Information Services Manager in Televisora Regional del Tachira, Venezuela
  • Certified announcer
  • News Reporter and producer in radio and TV (RCTV, TRT, The Mega)
  @angelafurio Ángela Furió Fajardo

  • Venezuela’s Central University social Communicator Degree
  • More than 12 years of experience in journalist
  • Communicational and political consultant
  • Daily events analyst
  • Press relations and Management Consulting and media relationship
  • Profile and imagination collective builder
  • Presenter and audiovisual producer of high impact programs in TV, radio and digital media
  • Postproduction director
  • Conceptualizer, creative and screenwriter
  • Direct advertising seller
  • Certified announcer 
  @mgonzalezmele Miguel González Mele

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